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About Us




 “TODO something, TOBE someone"


- Our Philosophy -


TODO is a brand founded by 3 post-90s girls who love music and travel together. We want to encourage everyone to travel with music and to bravely take the first step and create infinite possibilities in life! 


- Our Products -

TODO Ukulele is born in the summer of 2016 and belongs to one of the brands of Shanghai Humming Cultural Development Co., Ltd. 

Each TODO Ukulele iinspired by different destination ithe world and original designed by professional designers. Through joint factory establishment, we have successfully developed and launched a series of high-end musical instrument products. We currently hold 3 patents and 4 copyright protections. The plant area is almost 10,000 square meters, and the annual production capacity can reach 100,000.

From material selection to assembly, TODO controls quality in every detail. TODO pursues good sound, keeps innovating, and remains unique. TODO is committed to the combination of music and travel innovation, we take Ukulele to travel together.